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Meet Thomas 1931 Chevrolet Independence - Wedding Car Hire

A 1930's Wedding Theme

Thomas is a 1931 Chevrolet independence and originally came from America.His ivory coloured paintwork and grey velvet interior has to be viewed to be appreciated.

1931 was quite a year, at the same time as Thomas being built Al Capone, Chicago bootlegger and racketeer was sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion, the Empire State building in New York was completed and the construction of the Hoover Dam got underway.

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Thomas Technical Specification and History.

1931 Chevrolet Independence sedan owned by Mr K Rose of Worcestershire.

6 Cylinder stovebolt OHV with a capacity of 194 ci producing 50bhp. It earned the nick name of 'Cast iron wonder' which of course stemmed from it's use of cast iron pistons.

three forward one reverse gear.

mechanical 'on all four wheels'.

Options when new:
Front bumper, rear bumper, single side mount, dual side mount, side mount covers ($1 each), rear spare wheel cover, pedestal mirrors, dual tail lamps, heater, cigar lighter, spotlight, luggage rack, touring trunk, quail radiator, mascot, wind wings, guide lamps, sun visor (fitted as standard safety feature in 1932).

Advertising slogan:
'A six for the price of four'. This model took Chevrolet sales into the top sales spot, August 25th 1931 Chevrolet produced its eighth millionth vehicle. A position held until Ford produced the famous flathead v8 engined vehicles.

In this model range there were ten different types of bodies fitted, ranging from a two seater sports roadster to the gorgeous five seat sedan you see displayed here. In 1929 the models were named The International 1930, The Universal 1931, The Independence 1932,The Confederate 1933.

There is more information about this car available on Wikipedia

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